A system that helps residential contractors make way more money and save more time

Because it prequalifies leads and decreases the number of objections. It also helps you sell without feeling you’re actually selling and empowers you to work on your business, not in it.

What type of work would you like to focus on?

Do people usually say they want to get multiple bids?

What's your revenue goal for 2021?

Where do most of your leads come from now?

Do you think you could benefit from a system that prequalifies leads and makes selling simple?

Hey, we get it...

The system may not be the best fit for you, but check out our free resources because they pack a lot of value for all contractors.

Because we’re a preferred partner of the Contractor Fight, we’ll make sure this is right for you based on your specific situation.


Chasing prospects around and driving for hours from one estimate to another only to be ghosted by potential clients does not make for a profitable contracting business, and is anything but motivating.

Tire-kickers and window shoppers are not “part of the business.” They’re a waste of your time, your money, and they stop you from reaching your full potential.

Get the freedom to work with the clients YOU want to work with, instead of taking on any job just to keep the schedule full. When you don’t have to negotiate your prices down, you’ll show up as your best for yourself, your family, and your customers.


If the price talk makes your feel uneasy or you’re avoiding sending out proposals in fear of yet another rejection, we know how you feel.

Selling can feel scary, but the truth is you don’t need to be an expert salesman to land a job. You just need the perfect tool. Our system gives you a new way to sell without coming down on your prices or having to convince your prospects that you’re worth it.

While allowing you to spend more time at home, the system does the job for you, building trust and setting expectations up-front. It also weeds out prospects that are not a good fit, helping you attract the right clients and close the deal faster.


If you’re torn between answering the phone, sending out proposals, managing employees, and applying the final touches on your latest project… you’re working in the business, not on your business.

While that’s not a bad thing, you could invest that energy into growing your business so that it works without you, and spend that time with your loved ones instead. Because while you think you’re doing everything you can to give your family the life they deserve… all they really want is you.

Your business should give you freedom, not take it from you. Our system helps you hang up the tool belt, get out of the field, and spend more time at home.

Make more money and save time to spend it with the people you care about


Get pre-qualified leads that recognize the value of your service, know and understand your prices, and are excited to work with you.


Learn how much time the system saves you - time you could spend with your family or growing your business to new heights.


To prove our confidence in the system, we’ll give you all your money back if you do not make $100,000 within the first 12 months of using the system.

Hard Decks Owner Big

"It just works!"


Amazing work, very knowledgeable, great response times, I can’t say enough! They lay out a complete marketing system that turns your website into a salesperson who never sleeps. I’ve already recommended them to several other contractors.

Jayme Carlson, Owner at A-List Home Improvement, deck company in Belvidere, IL

Contractors - Our only focus

CGN's mission is to get contractors back with their families so their kids can grow up with both parents and be financially stable. And we'll walk through fire to see it happen.

At CGN we only work with contractors because we understand the behind-the-scenes of the business and how an overcommitted contractor dad can impact the family dynamic. 

Every step of the process and the ultimate goal is to help you keep your pipeline full with the right clients, raise your prices, and keep you home more.

Becoming a role model for your kids and a leader in your business and community is the mission we stand for here at Contractor Growth Network. Being there for you and your family. Making sure you’re set up to give your kids the life that you want.

These are tenants of our mission and what we stand for here at Contractor Growth Network.

How it works

Most contractor websites out there take 6 months to be completed, and what you’re left with is a fancy website and no direction whatsoever. In 4 weeks, we build your website and deliver a complete system around it that teaches you how to sell and brings you qualified leads.

"The system is so simple that even my 64 years old contractor dad uses it!"

1. Demo Call

We get on a no-strings-attached demo call to talk about your business, your goals, and uncover the proven path that will get you where you want to be.

2. We do the work

We build your system completely and with almost no effort on your part. All the copy and photos on your website are handled by professional copywriters and designers with a keen eye for detail.

3. enjoy youR system

We’ll walk you through your website and teach you how to utilize the system to its fullest potential. Once your website is live, you have your very own salesperson on the job 24/7.

KM Owner

"The entire process was very professional"


Logan Shinholser and Melissa Glass communicated clearly from day one and made great suggestions to get me in the right direction. They came up with a clear, concise plan for the website. The entire process was very professional and the execution was perfect. I’m beyond thrilled with the finished website and definitely recommend them!

Johnathan Kelly, Owner at Kelly Masonry, masonry company in Springfield, PA

Meet Logan and his vision

Hi, I’m Logan Shinholser. For the first 5 years of my life, I hardly saw my dad as he was working as a pool contractor. Because he grew up poor, he spent every waking hour of the day working to give us a better life. But the only thing my siblings and I wanted was to be with him.

When my dad sold the company, our lives changed completely. He was home a lot, spending time with us, taking us on vacations, and being close to us like all parents should be. I am the man I am today because I had two very present parents and we were financially stable.

And that’s exactly what I want to help all contractors get for their families.

Case Studies

Here’s a snapshot of the results you can get. From landscapers, home remodelers, painters, pond builders, to general contractors and vineyard owners, we’ve helped tens of contractors like you get results with our system.  

Frank Winter & Associates
Owners at MW Enterprises Construction
Deck and outdoor living company in Benson, MD
Steve Griggs
Owner at Steve Griggs Design
Landscape design company in New York, NY

Dan & Kate Sherwood
Owners at Sherwood Painting
Painting company in Marblehead, MA

Bubba Hogan
Owner at Midsouth Ponds
Pond and water feature company in Bartlett, TN



Bernardo Benigno
Owner, painting company in Mililani, HI

This company knows what they’re doing.

I’ve always struggled with what my website should say, how to say it, etc. It was easy with the help of the Contractor Growth Network.

Logan, Chris and Melissa helped me find my voice, and helped me rebuild my website into something that assists potential clients to make their buying decision.

I also wanted to add that they helped me see my website in a different and more effective light: It’s a tool that works for my company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Doesn’t take vacations or complain about it’s long hours. It’s there to work to get people interested, and to educate them in their buying decision.

What’s different about them is that even though the website was up-and-running, they laid out a game plan of how to utilize it, and what to do to promote on social media. NO ONE has ever walked me through this before. It just shows that they go above-and-beyond in everything they do.

Highly recommended.


Ryan Kelly
Co-owner, remodeling company in Modesto, CA

CGN has redefined how we sell jobs and bring value to our customers.

From the beginning of their process to the on going relationship we are currently building with CGN, the core values of what they preach, is what they do.

The tool they have given us has been priceless. They took our niche market, vision, processes, and created a high quality site full of features that build trust with our customers, before we meet them.

Our prequalifying process has become bullet proof. By walking prospects through the pages of our site we are ultimately showing them who we are as a company. From our pricing, an overall view of the design+build process, to meeting the team, by the time our prospects reach us, they have already built a trust with our brand.

The only complaint is that they didn’t charge us enough for their services. They should be charging double what they are. If you utilize the tools you are given by them, the return is unprecedented.

We have sold just over $250,000 in contracts in a little over a work week of time. I truly believe CGN was the difference maker in our prospects decisions to trust us with their renovations. Give them a call. Give them your money. Trust the plan. Make money.

Experience how the system can work for you

Book your demo and get clarity on where you are with your business, where you want to be, and define the vision of a company that gives you the freedom you want and deserve. With every minute that you’re postponing this, you’re missing important opportunities and stealing time away from your family.