Cherry-pick your dream clients

If you want to spend more time with your family and get higher profits, you need a reliable system that gets your time back


What’s included in the Wealthbuilder program

That’s the thing: you’re not just getting a nice website, but a whole system that showcases your best work and allows you to sell easily while being at home or on a vacation. The WealthBuilder Program takes the guesswork out of selling and enables you to grow your business exponentially.

Coaching that helps you build wealth

You're getting a huge layer of support that sets the foundation of wealth building.

We'll help you narrow down your focus to the things that actually move the needle, specifically tailored for your business.

EPP website

Every prospect that calls you will know:

Coach you on how to sell using the website

You’re not just getting a generic website - you’re getting a reliable sales tool you can use anytime..

We teach you how to use your website to sell so the only reason you’re driving out to the customer’s home is to sign the contract.

Sales call scripts so selling feels simple

You don’t have to learn a bunch of lines or sales tips by heart when you can follow some simple sales scripts.

The scripts we’ll give you allow you to capitalize on the best ideas, close the sale faster, and replicate your success project after project.

Support through the process

We guide you through the journey of attracting the right type of clients even after the website is done.

Starting with a solid website system, our strategy also includes Facebook, Google, and Neighborhood Takeover.

Here’s a birds-eye view of how the PROGRAM works

Disguised as a website, the Emotion-Process-Price system is much more than that.

It weeds out customers up-front

Your website and the whole system around it allows you to only work with people you want to work with by handling the biggest objections you get on sales calls up-front. You don’t even need to be there—your customers will pre-qualify themselves going through your website before reaching out.

It helps you sell fast and with ease

You don’t have to learn how to sell if you don’t want to. Just walk your prospects through your website and let it do all the heavy lifting for you. We teach you how to use your website to its fullest so you’ll never worry about selling ever again.

It helps you work on your business

When you’re not taking on projects and getting paid what you’re worth, you’ll be able to charge more and hire people to do the services that you shouldn't be doing. This in turn saves you a bunch of time that you can now use to grow your business.

"Logan, Melissa, Chris, and Team CGN deliver."


Our website has been an embarrassing under performer for years.

Not any more. We can now use an effective contractor focused website that will not only present the right image, but be an invaluable tool to guide our homeowners thru the buying process.

Craig Tripp, Owner at Anchor Foundation Repair, foundation repair company in Bryan, TX

Signs you’re working in your business and not on your business

Being hands-on with your business is a fantastic thing for a contractor. However, it can also be a trap that’s hard to get out of (but not impossible). If any of the signs below sound accurate to you, you probably don’t have enough time for the more important things you should be doing.

Like strategizing, planning, research and development, financial projects, or partnerships. Working on your business instead of in it is key.

You’re getting beat up on price

Competing on price is always a race to the bottom where no one wins.

You can’t make healthy margins and grow your business if you’re settling for clients that always go for the cheapest contractor.

Doing all the things yourself

Phone calls, client meetings, job site management, team management, contracts, cleaning, and final touches—you’re doing it all.

Multitasking is a proven myth: when you try to do so many things at the same time, none of them get your full attention.

Not being home for your family enough

The biggest downside when you’re caught in the do-it-all role in your business is that there’s no energy left for what’s truly important—your family.

While you think you’re sacrificing yourself for them and giving them a better life, what they really want is you.

Marketing is still a mystery

If you’re posting on social media, working on your website, or running ads here and there, you’re caught in the marketing trap - and it’s probably not working out well.

It’s time for you to take off the marketing hat and focus on your expertise and your genius zone, while we focus on ours and help you win.

Unqualified leads are becoming an epidemic

There’s no shortage of leads. In fact, they keep on coming but you could very well lose your mind if anyone asks about pricing again.

Unqualified leads and price shoppers are a waste of your time and you’re better off without them.

You feel there’s never enough time

When you wear all the hats and are still involved in the day-to-day, you never get to spend time on what’s really important. You need a clear mind for strategizing and growing your business, and your family needs your love and attention too.

To make progress in both your business and life, you need to take control of your time.



I can’t thank Logan, Chris Livingston and Melissa enough for all they did for me and my business.

I was struggling with how to jump start my business and Logan’s name just kept coming up… sooooo I sent that message and we were off to the races. I, for the first time have the confidence, a smart website and the “wind at my back” to go as far as I choose.

Vickie Fawer, Owner at Southern Accents Remodeling, remodeling company in Covington, LA

A quick AND easy process for you

The process of getting a website that does all the work for you requires just a couple hours of your time - so you can focus on your business.

1. Demo Call

We have a no-strings-attached demo call to talk about your business, your goals, and uncover the proven path that will get you where you want to be.

2. We do the work

We build your system completely and with almost no effort on your part. All the copy and photos on your website are handled by professional copywriters and designers with a keen eye for detail.

3. enjoy youR system

We’ll walk you through your website and teach you how to utilize the system to its fullest potential. Once your website is live, you have your very own salesperson on the job 24/7.

We’re pulling all the strings to make this as simple and streamlined for you as possible.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’re getting with your WealthBuilder program:

Here’s what other contractOR business owners are saying about the system


Chris Thompson
Owner, pond and water feature company in Ankeny, IA

CGN built our new website. Logan and his team made the process easy and painless for us.

I highly recommend them if you are looking to have a good experience during the process and a great finished product. We are extremely satisfied.

We are also planning to continue our relationship with them and have them assist us in additional online marketing. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this business.


Josh Gadbois
Owner, remodeling company in Auburn, MA

This is the one of the best experiences I’ve had with any company period. They take the time to discover you and what your needs are and not push their agenda on you.

Logan and his team re did the site and I’ve already seen 4 leads in a week from a site that was sterile and that didn’t do anything for us.

Expectations set, plans laid out, great communication. Amazing experience.


Craig Tripp
Owner, foundation repair company in Bryan, TX

Logan, Melissa, Chris, and Team CGN deliver.

Our website has been an embarrassing under performer for years.

Not any more. We can now use an effective contractor focused website that will not only present the right image, but be an invaluable tool to guide our homeowners thru the buying process.

Imagine what an epp site can do for your brand

When a potential customer first learns about your company, they will go online to learn more before hiring you. Since perception is reality, what will they think about your company if they see your website?

When your website looks like a Mercedes, it will attract Mercedes clients. And when it looks like a Saturn, you’ll attract discount-driven people. If you want to be the Mercedes of your area and attract people that are willing to spend good money on your services, you need a website that looks the part.

Our EPP website doesn’t just look good, it also works!

Dogwood Landscaping, outdoor living and landscape company in Dallas, GA

Anchor Foundation Repair, foundation repair company in Bryan, TX


Whether you need a simple website or an extended one, we’ve designed three tiers to cover the most specific needs of contractors.

Our most popular website is Tier 2, and custom packages are available upon request.

Bob Kerr
Owner at Gradex Co
Outdoor living and water feature company in Peculiar, MO

WealthBuilder Custom

For contractors that want a more custom option

WealthBuilder Custom EPP Site features:

Todd Tribble
Owner at Tribble Painting
Painting company in Ann Arbor, MI

Andrew Lingan
Co-owner at Premier Ponds
Pond and water feature company in Glenwood, MD


WealthBuilder Pro

For contractors that want an experience that dives deeper into their services and business culture

Chris Treese
Owner at Classic Home Concepts
Exterior and remodeling company in Springfield, MO

WealthBuilder Pro EPP Site features:

Mike Nuñez
Co-owner at Nuñez Vineyard Management
Vineyard management company in Napa, CA

Luis Rivera
Owner at LR Electrical LLC
Electrical company in Dover, DE

Michael Gilio
Owner at Grunt Wrx
Remodeling company in Oswego, IL

WealthBuilder Lite

For contractors that need a simple trust-building website

WealthBuilder Lite EPP Site features:

Chris Chapman
Owner at MGS Contracting Services
Remodeling company in Charles Town, WV

John Austin
Owner at Mortise & Miter
Remodeling company in Overland Park, KS

100% committed to your success

The WealthBuilder Program is designed for contractors, by contractors, and is meant to earn you money by only attracting clients that you want to work with, not generate a bunch of bad leads that leave you hanging.

We’re so confident our system works that we’re offering an unmatched guarantee:

If you do not generate $100,000 with our Tier 2 option or $50k with Tier 1, after 12 months of using the system - we’ll give you all your money back.

Most marketing companies won’t dare offer such a guarantee because traditional marketing results depend on too many factors out of their control. So guaranteeing a return on investment is a bold move, and, usually, a promise that can’t be delivered.

We believe in the system and the way it works, and we’re as invested in this as you are. If you use the Tier 2 system the right way, we guarantee you’ll make $100k within a year. And if you’re opting for a Tier 1 system, we guarantee you’ll make at least $50k.

If you don’t reach these numbers, we give you your money back – no questions asked.

You are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for. All you have to do is invest and take a chance on yourself. You have absolutely nothing to lose. This guarantee also makes us very selective on who we work with.

Get on the wealthbuilder program and take your business where it deserves to be

If you’re tired of unqualified leads, not being paid what you’re worth, and being away from your family all the time... Book your no-strings-attached demo and let’s talk about your new system.