This Is What We Tell Contractors When They Ask Us About Truck Wraps

A good truck wrap can get people interested enough in your brand to get on your EPP sales system website. Bad ones will waste your money and turn people away.

In this post, you can find our 5 laws of truck wraps. You can also discover what makes truck wraps good and bad.

Time To Wrap It!

“We finally have the truck, so now we have to wrap it!” says Mike.

Jennifer grins. “Yeah, it is! What are you thinking design-wise and stuff?” Mike pauses. “Well, you know, the normal stuff. Logo, info, design…”

“So you have no real plan,” answers Jennifer. Mike nods, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’m an artist but not, you know, an artsy one.” Jennifer nods. “Me either. Let’s see if that one blog for contractors can help again. You know, the one that first told us what an EPP sales system website is and does,” she suggests.

“That’s a great idea!” says Mike excitedly, taking out his phone. He starts searching through Google when he stumbles upon this:

The 5 Laws Of Truck Wraps

Really good truck wrap
  1. Less and larger text. People aren’t going to have a lot of time to look at your truck when they’re driving. The easier it is to read, and the less there is, the better.
  2. Wraps don’t sell. The wrap is only to pique their interest enough to get them to visit your website or contact you.
  3. Have a tagline. This will get your message and what you do across and grab interest quickly.
  4. Use the highest-quality photos. You’re trying to attract high-end clients and they don’t want to work with someone whose truck wrap is low-quality.
  5. Go all the way. Wrap the whole thing! Half-assing a wrap may make people think you’ll half-ass the job. Plus it’s not as eye-catching.

Bad Truck Wraps

A bad truck wrap will waste your money. People won’t see a bad truck wrap and want to work with you. In fact, it may cause them to NOT want to work with you.

Bad van wrap

Here’s what makes a bad truck wrap:

Great Truck Wraps

A great truck wrap will get people interested enough in your brand to check you out! You can use these rules to create a kickass wrap that’ll impress anyone.

Great van wrap

Here’s what makes a great truck wrap:

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“Now that we have some guidelines we can get an awesome truck wrap that’ll get people interested in us!” says Mike happily. Jennifer smiles. “And we can help change even more people’s lives! Let’s see what else this blog has to offer.”

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