Amen Corner Ponds

Client: Ethan Hammond

Main Services He Offers: New Pond Construction, Repair, & Maintenance

Problem Ethan Needed Help With

Ethan’s water feature company is in an untapped market. However, the majority of his market doesn’t know he’s able to help!

He needed to better showcase his services. Then, people would be able to understand what he does and know how he can help. He needed people to know how he could help them and be confident that he could do the work well.

Most people live by the quote “it’s all about who you know” but here it’s more “it’s all about who knows you.” You can’t sell something if people don’t know you exist and don’t trust you.

The solution

EPP System Type: Tier 2

Launch Date: October 5, 2020

Total Time Ethan Spent On Project*: ~ 2 hours

*Our goal is to limit the amount of time and energy you have to put into building your website, enabling you to take this hat off.

Ethan Hammond jumped on board and took full advantage of our EPP sales system to help him pre-qualify leads, weed out tire-kickers, and charge what he’s worth.

See how the system can work for your business too.

How Ethan Had Us Help

Ethan first had us help him get in front of his clients.

Then he had us build him a website that showed people what he did, how he could help them, and that he had the skills and knowledge to do it well.

Now that Ethan knows how to attract dream clients to his website, the website acts as a sales tool to generate leads for him while filtering out tire-kickers.

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