Bernardo’s Painting

Client: Bernardo Benigno

Main Services He Offers: Interior, Exterior, and Commercial Painting

Problem Bernardo Needed Help With

Bernardo was dealing with way too many prospects telling him to blindly come out and give them an estimate.

Instead of following Bernardo’s process, they were requiring him to follow theirs.

On top of this, most of these estimates were leading to him getting ghosted. Even when he implemented a consultation fee, his time was being wasted over the phone.

He needed a way to get people to follow and respect his process.

The solution

EPP System Type: Tier 2

Launch Date: December 12, 2020

Total Time Bernardo Spent On Project*: ~ 3 hours

*Our goal is to limit the amount of time and energy you have to put into building your website, enabling you to take this hat off.

Bernardo Benigno jumped on board and took full advantage of our EPP sales system to help him pre-qualify leads, weed out tire-kickers, and charge what he’s worth.

See how the system can work for your business too.

How Bernardo Had Us Help

Bernardo had us come in and give him the website he needed to attract the right customers.

One big thing for Bernardo is that his biggest value is his team. Instead of hiring just anyone that can hold a brush, everyone in his company is highly-vetted and customers love it.

Bernardo had us create the website with the focus being on his team. He also implemented our blueprint to attracting higher-end clients with easy-to-create content.

Now he gets clients who can afford his services and won’t waste his time.

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