Butler Contracting

Client: Alan Butler

Main Services He Offers: Landscaping Design And Build, Planting Services, Hardscapes And Patios, Outdoor Living Spaces, Driveways

Problem Alan Needed Help With

Alan’s been trying to build up his business the right way, but something seems to keep clogging up the gears.

He has to keep wearing a lot of hats along with his CEO one. This causes him to spend his valuable time working on stuff he doesn’t need to be, like pricing guides.

Alan also needs to find employees who fit his culture. He can’t pass off his hats because his employees don’t fit the culture, so they leave.

The solution

WealthBuilder Pro Program

Launch Date: September 16, 2021

Total Time Alan Spent On Project*: 6

*Alan’s total time is way higher than the average. There were a lot of forms and extra pages he wanted done. Plus, his current web guy kept locking us out and being a pain to work with.

Alan Butler jumped on board and took full advantage of our WealthBuilder Pro program to help him pre-qualify leads, weed out tire-kickers, and redefine his worth.

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How Alan Had Us Help

As part of the WealthBuilder Pro program, Alan has access to business coaching. He can use this to pin down what kind of employees he should hire. Then he can pass off those hats.

He can also use the time he saves with his EPP sales system website to work on his business instead of in it.

The WealthBuilder Pro program also includes coaching on how to sell using the website, sales call scripts, 10-week core live training and accountability, offline campaign (door hangers, yard signs), training on attracting leads, and support through our community and team.

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