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Quickly calculate how much opportunity you can open up as a residential contractor by using our proprietary system.

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Regardless of outcome.


How many calls turn into an in-house consultation?


How many in-house consultations turn into customers?


Notes on estimated time:
  • average of 2 hours for consultation and proposal
  • average of 60 minutes total driving time per consult
  • the system rejects 80% of the people that would have been unfit prospects, and an average of those 75% move forward to a paid in-house consult.
  • our EPP System sales process has an average of 90% in-house consultation close rate
Estimates for what you could do with your time:
  • Date night is calculated at an average of 3 hours
  • Go support and watch kids games - 5 hours
  • Family hike/afternoons with them - 6 hours
  • Networking events - 12 hours

Your Results

Monthy and yearly waste are calculated at a full 24h wasted per day. For a more realistic output that takes sleep and 4 hours for other normal activities in the day into consideration, multiply your waste result by 2.

Estimated monthly waste

Estimated yearly waste

Extra clients with EPP/mo*




One Year

waste 0%
Extra clients with EPP/mo is not a guarantee and depends on a multitude of factors.
Here are some of the things that you could do with that time.

Train somebody to be a foreman so you can get out of the field.

Get someone to answer calls so you can focus working on your business.

0 date nights with your spouse.

Go, support, and watch at least 0 of your kids’ games each season.

You could take your family on 0 hikes or enjoy full afternoons with them.

Attend 0 events to build relationships and connect within your community.

 Want to make a plan to meet your business goals?

 Are you wasting time with the wrong prospects?

 See how other contractors stop the cycle.



Joe McPherson
Owner - waterproofing solutions contractor

After many attempts of getting the right image of my company via a website, I found the Contractor Growth Network!!!

I couldn’t be happier with the decision to have Logan and Melissa handle building my website. My company is now represented in a way where web presence is not a problem area anymore. Thank you so much!


Michael Parnell
Owner - fences & decks contractor

These guys are awesome, they really looked out for me in the designing and launching of my new website.

I am not a techy person, but they were ready for all of my questions and concerns. Melissa and Logan were a blast to work with. They took my vision to a whole new level and we have gotten twice as many customer calls, since launching the new site.

Chris was able to guide me in the right direction when it comes to our marketing ideas. I am so glad and thankful that I found this team to do business with. They hit it out of the park!


Frank Winter
Owner - outdoor living spaces contractor

I recommend Contractor Growth Network for a couple of different reasons. I can touch base on one of the most important reasons for me.

I spent years spending money on the wrong marketing. Now that I invested money with Logan and CGN, I am seeing the return already. I wish I had done this earlier. Melissa and Logan both were great to work with.

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