Make $100k in a year or we give you your money back

We’ve got your back with a 100% money-back guarantee. Guarantee applies to Tier 2 EPP systems. For Tier 1 systems, the target is $50K.

Look, we honor our guarantee because we really care about the contractors we serve. At the same time, from our experience, people who are looking for a reason for something not to work, usually find it.

If you’re looking for an out before you begin, then we’re probably not a good fit for you because that’s really not the energy that will serve you or us.

A “YOU” website vs. a “THEM” website

Most contractor websites on the web are more like portfolio-style websites. Contractors showcase their work and brag about their skills.

The problem is that when all contractors talk about themselves, there isn’t much that sets them apart, so potential customers will differentiate them through pricing. And that’s how they end taking on jobs they don’t want, and for less money, just to keep the schedule full.

The real change happens when you switch the narrative and start talking about the customer, their needs, and how they can be met. By you.

That’s how you get a website that sells, and that’s the first part of our guarantee.

Not just a nice website, but a money-making system

Now that your website is focused on your customers and their needs, time for the second card up your sleeve: using the website to sell.

This is the next component of our guarantee and the reason we dare to offer such a bold one. You’re not getting just a website that looks pretty. You’re getting a full system that makes you money.

The EPP website and the accompanying resources teach you how to consistently attract the right clients, confidently charge what you’re worth, and replicate the success over and over again.

When the right clients pay you what you’re worth, making 100k more in a year is a breeze. It means an extra $8.3k per month. If you’re 100% invested in this and you use the system as we show you, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t make you at least 100k in a year.

Our bold guarantee. If you don’t make at least 100k within a year of using* the system, we give you all your money back.

*The EPP system is a tool, and like all tools, they work when properly used. If you complete the entirety of CGN’s programs and use your website and your system as per our coaching and guidance, we guarantee you’ll make at least $100k with the Tier 2 system, and at least $50k with Tier 1.

If you do not earn this amount and can provide written evidence of completion of programs and that your earnings since using the program do not exceed $100k, we’ll fully and immediately refund your website fee.

“I finally understood what was going on”


I have often felt lost when it came to online marketing but after seeing Logan speak for only about 45 minutes the light went off. He was able to explain a variety of topics clearly and succinctly from websites and SEO to Facebook and Google Ads. I made decision on the spot to hire CGN and fire myself and my previous company.

It was the first time in my life that I felt like I finally understood what was going on, and it was clear that Logan not only understood the mechanics of online marketing but the tactics and strategy as well. That is the real key. The mechanics are one thing, but knowing how and when to implement is critical to success.

Rudi Oosting, Owner at Oosting Construction, construction company in Midland Park, NJ


Here’s what other contractOR business owners are saying about us


Jonathan & Flavia Colton
Owners, outdoor living and landscape company in Denver, CO

Working with Logan and his team of well qualified employees was a real pleasure.

For us finding the right company that could portray our vision was very important. We needed a team that spoke the same language in terms of conveying to the customers the value of what we sell.

From the beginning of the first call with Chris through the finalization with Melisa, the entire process was delightful, professional and everyone was very responsive. Through his process we were able accomplish goals quickly, from creating our new website, creating strong copy, to providing the relevant information and explaining the tools needed and teaching us how to use them effectively.

The final finished product and everyone’s attention to details along the way has made our experience with Contractor Growth Network a great one and we can’t come near in words explaining our gratitude towards this group of highly motivated individuals who work great as a team.

Thank you all!


Chris Corney
Owner, irrigation contractor in Bowling Green, OH

Logan Shinholser, Chris Livingston, and Melissa Glass are dream weavers! I’m looking to expand my business over the coming years but was struggling with website design.

Currently operating as a one-man-show, with no desire to do something that other people excel at, I consider them one of my biggest assets! They were on my team from start to finish and will continue to be going forward!

After an initial call with Chris to assess my old website any why it wasn’t attracting the type of leads I desired, everything was spelled out in an easy to understand manner.

After my call with Logan and Melissa they helped me laser focus on my niche and passion. The new site that they built reflects the image I want to present as a problem solver, saver of time, and expert in the field.

5 stars from beginning to end!

When money equals time, doing nothing is an expensive choice

Since you have nothing to lose, there’s no reason for you to postpone this. Book your demo today and let’s set you up with an EPP system that does a lot of the work for you and your brand.