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Logan Shinholser: My story

I grew up in a contracting family. My dad was a dedicated pool contractor who was never at home because he was working all the time. He sacrificed himself for us, to give us a better life, but the truth is for the first 5 years of our childhood, me and my sister grew up without him. The only time we got to see him was if mom would drive us to his job site, like in the picture on the right.

Think about it: how many family dinners or soccer games have you missed because of your job? How many goodnight stories you didn’t read because you’re coming home at unreasonable hours?

We spent so much time away from our dad that even when he became present in our lives, we were still asking mom questions about him, even though he was sitting right next to us…

A journey to purpose

I never thought I was destined to run a contractor-specific sales and marketing company.

5 years ago, I was in BUD/s training because my dream was to be a Navy SEAL. Well, that came to a crashing end when I rang the bell during Hell Week and quit.

It felt as if everything in my life was over too. I was an All-American scholarship athlete at Virginia Tech. I had a degree in Chemical Engineering. I was even a few spots away from making the USA Olympic team in 2012.

And for the first time in my life, I felt completely hopeless and lost. But as the saying goes, when a door closes, another one opens. I started to pursue marketing and quickly realized that I could combine my contracting background with the things I learned about marketing systems – and actually help people. I could help contractors like my dad who didn’t know there was a better way to provide and care for his family.


Everything changed for our family when our dad sold the pool company at that time. He got to be home more, spend time with us, take us on vacations, and be a present husband and father. I am the man I am today because I had two very present parents and we were financially stable.

Living the contractor life shouldn’t keep you away from your family. 

Our mission and goal here at CGN is to help you take your company to a level that allows you to be a supportive, financially stable parent. 

Because we’ve seen the impact this has, we’re committed to giving you a system that saves you time, makes you money in the process, and drastically improves your family life.

Stuff we’ve done

Speaker at The Contractor Fight’s Fight Fest 2019

Speaker at Aquascape’s Pondemonium Conference 2015

Grew CGN from $336k TO $585k TO $1M TO $2.5M

2.8M YT views

Built 120+ websites for clients

107k+ Podcast Downloads


We teach contractors how to grow at a mass scale.

We work with home service providers such as home builders, remodelers, landscapers, pond and water feature installers, fence and deck builders, and painters.

If you’re one of these contractors, you rely on long-term relationships and sales to build your revenue. As such, we help you revamp your marketing and sales to be education-based and focused on the long game, while still getting you short-term results.

It all starts with an EPP sales system and continues with the CGN Educational platform. There, you’ll find videos, webinars, podcasts, and tutorials about web design and development, video editing, Facebook and Google ads, email marketing, and blogging—the full package you need as a contractor to market and grow your business.


Our company values drive everything we do. We begin every team meeting with them and look to them when it comes to business decisions.

They’re not just something we stick on a website to look smart.


Ask for forgiveness, not for permission.

Energy is Infectious

Be aware of the energy you’re putting out.

Own Your Domain

You’re the CEO of your space.

Speed Over Perfection

Perfectionists are always broke.

Be You, Align With Us

Individuality is awesome, just make sure you’re still part of the team.


Logan Shinholser

Melissa Glass
Front End Operations Manager

Aaron Horner
Social Media Manager & Videographer

Mike Kyle
Content Creator & Editor

Chris Livingston
Advisor & Partner

Laura Pholsina
Digital Marketing Strategist

Turner Arrington
Head Of Blogging & SEO

Tom Reber and Dan Sherwood on how it is to work with us

Anthony Abbott on how it is to work with the team

Here’s what other contracting business owners are saying about our team


Vickie Fawer
Owner, remodeling company in Covington, LA

I can’t thank Logan, Chris Livingston and Melissa enough for all they did for me and my business.

I was struggling with how to jump start my business and Logan’s name just kept coming up… sooooo I sent that message and we were off to the races. Starting with Chris… I can’t say enough about Chris, he knows all the questions to ask to get you where you need to be.

Logan and Melissa’s insight into what a website should do is awesome. I, for the first time have the confidence, a smart website and the “wind at my back” to go as far as I choose.


Shelley Forsman
Owner, deck company in Omaha, NE

Logan and his team are amazing!! They make you feel great. They provide an amazing service and create a fantastic website that is the envy of other contractors.

Not only are they good at what they do, they make you feel important and connected. They seek to understand you and apply that understanding to the website and marketing creations.

We wholly invested into the CGN way of sales and marketing. Travis and I look forward to a continued relationship with the whole team.

We would recommend them to all contractors who want to go the extra mile.


Michael Gilio
Owner, remodeling company in Oswego, IL

Logan and his team were outstanding to work with!! The service they provided to include educating us along the way was extremely helpful.

During the entire process, we felt that we were a top priority and that they were seeking to truly understand what it is our business is trying to achieve while they helped us across the finish line.

You will not be disappointed and we recommend reaching out to them if you are serious about taking your business to the next level.

Cannot say enough good things about the team over at CGN and look forward to partnering with them in future endeavors. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Take control of your business’s growth with an action-oriented and determined team by your side.