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Remodeling Contractor Case Studies

Josh Gadbois
Owner at RenoVista Construction
Remodeling company in Auburn, MA
Vickie Fawer
Owner at Southern Accents Remodeling
Remodeling company in Covington, LA

Eliad Vaknin
Owner at EV Remodeling
Remodeling company in Peachtree Corners, CA

Brian & Diana Pezzulich
Owners at Genuine Kitchen & Bath
Remodeling company in San Carlos, CA

Anthony Abbott
Owner at Greystone Remodeling
Remodeling company in Franklinton, NC

Michael Gilio
Owner at Grunt Wrx
Remodeling company in Oswego, IL

Ryan Kelly & Bobby Runyan
Owners at KHB Construction Inc
Remodeling company in Modesto, CA

Chris Chapman
Owner at MGS Contracting Services
Remodeling company in Charles Town, WV

John Austin
Owner at Mortise & Miter
Remodeling company in Overland Park, KS

Logan Harrington
Owner at Pitt Brothers
Remodeling company in College Park, MD

Alex Cornejos
Owner at Cornejos Builders
Remodeling and ADU construction company in Downey, CA

James Miller
Owner at Valiant Home Additions
Home building and renovation company in Centerton, AR

Josh Grange
Owner at JN Tiling & Construction
Remodeling company in Angola, IN

Nate Burket
Owner at Lakeview Home Improvement
Remodeling company in Eastern Tennessee

Jaime Rea
Owner at Rea Pro Construction
Remodeling company in The Hamptons, NY

Cobus Breytenbach
Owner at 33 North Homes & Construction
Remodeling company in Cumming, GA

Matt Adamiec
Owner at Valdeck Construction
Remodeling company in Winnipeg, MB R3E 2V7, Canada

Branson Raynor
Owner at RaynorShine Construction
Remodeling company in Coats, NC

Dennis Brooks
Owner at Shapeup Contracting
Remodeling company in Long Beach, NY

Devin Blevins
Owner at Conscious Construction And Remodeling
Remodeling company in Oklahoma City, OK

Painting Contractor Stories

Bernardo Benigno Jr
Owner at Bernardo’s Painting
Painting company in Mililani, HI

Dan & Kate Sherwood
Owners at Sherwood Painting
Painting company in Marblehead, MA

Michael Ballesteros
Owner at Midlands Pro Painters
Painting company in Lexington, SC

Nathan Hershner
Owner at Peacock Home Improvement
Painting company in Tampa Bay, FL

Jimmy Cordier
Owner at Pinon Painting
Painting company in Prescott, AZ

Outdoor Living & Landscaping Contractor Stories

Christopher A. Zeek
Owner at Zeek Landscape Design & Construction
Outdoor living and landscape company in Ambler, PA
Steve Griggs
Owner at Steve Griggs Design
Landscape design company in New York, NY

John Kelly
Owner at Kelly Masonry
Masonry company in Springfield, PA

Chris Kelly
Owner at Limitless Construction
Outdoor living spaces company in Philadelphia, PA
Jason Cory
Owner at Dogwood Landscaping
Remodeling and outdoor living company in Dallas, GA
Devin Reitinger
Owner at Reitinger Design & Construction
Remodeling and outdoor living company in Overland Park, KS

Clayton Farrell

Owner Farrell Landscaping & Garden Center
Outdoor living company in Bryan, OH

Bryan Kerr

Owner Kerr Landscaping
Landscaping company in Mount Airy, MD

Kenny Nguyen

Owner Peakview Outdoor Living
Outdoor living company in Broomfield, CO

Anthony Pryor

Owner Burning River Masonry
Outdoor living company in Tallmadge, OH

Tyler Link

Owner Radiant Landscaping
Outdoor living and landscaping company in Johnstown, CO


Cash French
Owner at Bay Area Waterscapes
Pond and water feature company in San Francisco, CA

Ethan Hammond
Owner at Amen Corner Ponds
Pond and water feature company in Warrenville, SC

Bubba Hogan
Owner at Midsouth Ponds
Pond and water feature company in Bartlett, TN
Christopher Corney
Owner at Simmons Irrigation
Irrigation company in Bowling Green, OH
Joe McPherson
Owner at Capstone Property Services
Waterproofing solutions company in Lanham, MD

Robyn Pekarek
Owner at Poseidon Aquatic Designs
Pond and water feature company in Oregon

Deck AND FENCE Contractor Stories

Travis & Shelley Forsman
Owners at Forsman’s Finest
Deck company in Omaha, NE

Mike Parnell
Owner at Precision Fence & Decks
Fence and gate company in Sumter, SC

Frank Winter & Associates
Owners at MW Enterprises Construction
Deck and outdoor living company in Benson, MD

Flooring Contractor Stories

Hugo Flores
Owner at Crestview Flooring
Flooring company in Sacramento, CA
Jeff Neads
Owner at Neads Floors Inc
Flooring company in Live Oak, CA

Dominick Abato
Owner at A&D Tile & Flooring
Flooring company in Newburgh, NY

Randy Stewart
Owner at Randy Stewart’s Hardwood Flooring
Flooring company in Summerville, SC

ELECTRICAL Contractor Stories

Luis Rivera
Owner at LR Electrical LLC
Electrical company in Dover, DE
Pete Cicconi
Owner at Twin Cities Electrical
Electrical company in Eden Prairie, MN

Jessica Baggetta
Owner at JR & J Electric
Electrical company in Dover, DE

Window, Siding, & Door Contractor Stories

Chris Treese
Owner at Classic Home Concepts
Exterior and remodeling company in Springfield, MO
Paul Argiro
Owner at 12 Penny Exteriors
Window and siding company in Westford, MA

Varied Contractor Stories

Craig Tripp
Owner at Anchor Foundation Repair
Repair, foundation repair company in Bryan, TX
Mike & Francisco Nuñez
Owners at Nuñez Vineyard Management
Vineyard management company in Napa, CA

Alan Butler

Owner at Butler Contracting
Fencing, roofing, and bathroom remodeling company in Bastrop, TX

Brad Wernsman

Owner at Cabinet Stiles
Custom cabinetry company in Yorkville, IL

Rob Long

Owner at Longwire
Home entertainment company in Stilwell, KS

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Eliad Vaknin
Owner, remodeling contractor in Peachtree Corners, CA

Logan and his team did an amazing job building my new website!

They are not just building websites like any other companies out there.
Contractor growth network knowing the contracting business from inside out.

They know what I’m going through with customers sales in my day to day sale process and took it to the next level.

They actually created a website that I use as a tool that not just helps me to sale more,it’s also help me to make my sale process easier,faster and also helps me to get rid of the tire kickers which giving me a lot of time saving!

Thank you guys for the great job!!


Michael Parnell
Owner, fence and gate contractor in Sumter, SC

These guys are awesome, they really looked out for me in the designing and launching of my new website.

I am not a techy person, but they were ready for all of my questions and concerns. Melissa and Logan were a blast to work with. They took my vision to a whole new level and we have gotten twice as many customer calls, since launching the new site.

Chris was able to guide me in the right direction when it comes to our marketing ideas. I am so glad and thankful that I found this team to do business with. They hit it out of the park!


Johnathan Kelly
Owner, masonry company in Springfield, PA

Logan Shinholser and Melissa Glass communicated clearly from day one and made great suggestions to get me in the right direction.

They came up with a clear, concise plan for the website. The entire process was very professional and the execution was perfect. I’m beyond thrilled with the finished website and would definitely recommend them!

UPDATE: We are already getting tons of leads on our new website and 3 people have gone out of their way to comment on how great the website looks. The results have been awesome!

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Dennis Brooks
Owner at Shapeup Contracting
Remodeling company in Long Beach, NY