This Is What We Tell Clients Who Want To Make More Money And Help Solve Their Client’s Real Problems

Letting clients pick and choose which parts they want isn’t the best move. When our clients follow the advice in this post, they are more helpful and more profitable.

In this post, you can find the 3 steps to selling larger projects. This will increase your customer satisfaction and revenue.

Will That Actually Work?

“Hon, you have to see this!” says Jennifer excitedly.

“What did you find?” asks Mike. Jennifer grins. “There’s this 3 step thing that can help you be more helpful and increase your revenue. It was on that contractor channel you’ve been following.”

Mike’s eyebrows rise together. “Really now? I can’t believe you’ve been looking at that too, that’s great! It sounds like the fewer services make you more money post. Let me see what you found.” Jennifer hands him her phone with the page pulled up.

Here’s what Mike sees:

What’s The Problem?

You’re hurting yourself and the client.

By not offering services as a package, you’re not bringing in as much revenue as you can be. This means you could be making more money to support your family and your employees.

By not offering services as a package, you’re not helping your client with the real problem they have. Packages can help solve their overall problem and leave them happier than ever.

This can lead to repeat work for a loyal client.

3 Steps To Increasing Your Job Size

Signpost with different options

1. Write Out All Of The Products You Provide

This will give you a visual of everything you’re doing. Then you can move on to step two.

2. Package Your Products

If people want their cabinets and countertops done, it may make sense for them to get new lighting too. By suggesting these upsells, you’re actually helping them create their ideal space. 

The client could come back to you in a couple of months when they realize they need more. But, that’s not the best situation. By doing it all at once you can bring in more money with less headache.

3. Drive The Narrative

Promote these packages to potential clients. Ask them what their day-to-day is like in that space. How do they use it and how often? Why do they want to change the space, what’s their overall goal?

You can find out what’s holding them back. Then, you can give them what they really want and need.

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“Well, it worked for the guy in the video, so let’s give it a shot,” says Mike. “And while you do that I’m going to keep looking at their content,” says Jennifer.

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