Kelly Masonry

Client: John Kelly

Main Services He Offers: Kitchen Renovations, Bathroom Renovations, Basement Renovations, and Waterproofing

Problem John Needed Help With

John was ready to step up his business in a big way.

He’d been part of a few contractor growth programs and knew that if he wanted to be the industry leader in his area, he had to look the part. But his website didn’t show that.

John’s website was bringing in the wrong clientele. He was dealing with a lot of prospects wanting to upgrade their home on a budget and it was wasting a lot of his time.

The solution

EPP System Type: Tier 2

Launch Date: November 04, 2020

Total Time John Spent On Project*: ~ 2 hours

*Our goal is to limit the amount of time and energy you have to put into building your website, enabling you to take this hat off.

John Kelly jumped on board and took full advantage of our EPP sales system to help him pre-qualify leads, weed out tire-kickers, and charge what he’s worth.

See how the system can work for your business too.

How John Had Us Help

John had us build a website (as part of our 3-Step System) to target the higher-end clientele he wanted.

It shows his work so people can find it easily and see it in high quality. His new website also shows how much his clients love him and the work he does.

Now he gets the clients he’s always wanted.

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