The LegacyMaker Program

We help you simplify and scale your contracting business so it can operate without you.

Realistic expectations in 18 months

In 18 months, with the LegacyMaker Program, these are the numbers of a healthy business we expect you to reach:




Be in the 4% of companies that break the $1M mark



Gross Profit Margin

Top notch companies charge top notch rates

Operate at



Your take home pay will be $250k minimum




Keep your pipeline full so you can cherry-pick projects

Go On Vacation And Come Back With More Money In The Bank Account

Just about every contractor starts their business for the freedom to operate how they want. Unfortunately, that freedom is short-lived once they see how involved they need to be to make money from the business.

What’s even more unfortunate is the majority of contracting companies repeat the same first year of business 20 years in a row.

The LegacyMaker program is designed to combat that and help you automate your business within 18-months.

Seem aggressive? Good, because it is.

But having a business that grows even when you’re not there is the outcome your family deserves.

Your Roadmap To Success

If you’re committed to setting your contracting company up so you truly can step away and come back with more in the bank account, we’ve got you covered.

1. Master The Game Of Sales

The top contractors are sales-focused and you need to be too.

Our WealthBuilder program helps you nail the sales game by making it easy. Seriously, we’ve had contractors go from $0 to $1.5M within 90 days.

2. Fill Your Pipeline

To be able to charge 55% gross profit margins, you need to have a pipeline full of prospects wanting to work with you.

We help you fill that pipeline. And these are legit prospects, not HomeAdvisor leads.

3. Hire An In-House Media Manager

One of the biggest selling tools of your work is your work. Having your own in-house media manager to handle social media and video content will get prospects excited about calling you.

We help you find that person and train them.

4. Master The Long-Term Sale

As projects get larger and more expensive (think $250k+ projects), the timeline in which prospects buy increases. This means more touchpoints are needed. We help you master those touchpoints to keep them engaged so the deal closes.

5. Hire A Full-Time Sales Member

Now that your pipeline is full and you’ve got a system in place to master the long-term sale, it’s time to hire a full-time sales member. We help you find and train that candidate. Super simple.

How It Works, What’s Included, And (Most Importantly) why It’s Setup This Way

The LegacyMaker program builds off the momentum created within the WealthBuilder program.

1. How It Works

LegacyMaker Path

Implementing the roadmap highlighted above is tough to do on your own. We’ve done it and wish a program like this was around while we were going through it.

This is exactly why this program exists in the capacity it’s in.

We have proven systems built around every step that our coaches help you implement within your company.

Because everyone has a million-dollar dream, but very few have million-dollar implementation. That’s where we thrive.

2. What's Included

Here’s the journey we’re taking you on. You can either start with our WealthBuilder Lite or the WealthBuilder Pro program. Our most popular program is WealthBuilder Pro – a clear winner because of the extended support and expanded Sales System.

Wealthbuilder Lite

Starter Sales System


Wealthbuilder Pro

Advanced Sales System


LegacyMaker LIte

Conservative Growth


LegacyMaker PRO

Aggressive Growth


3. Why It’s Setup This Way

Small businesses are nervous to scale their business because they’re already overwhelmed. How can they grow from $400k to $1M in 18 months if they’re already at max capacity?

We’ve grown our own business from $580k to $2.5M+ in 2 years so we know what it takes to scale.

We also have learned A TON during this time about what to do and what NOT to do.

Instead of you having to figure out the systems yourself, we help you implement proven systems so you’re not dropping the ball as you grow.

The marketing services we provide help attract the right type of clients and the coaching enables you to maintain the right infrastructure for your growth.

We’re pretty hands-on in helping you.

LegacyMaker FAQ

The LegacyMaker Program is an all-around, holistic process that not only helps you scale, it also makes it much easier for you to stay in the top 10 contractors in your area.

It produces up-to-date, genuine, and attractive content, based on proven marketing strategies that will position you as an authority in your area. Here are the most frequently asked questions about the program.

What are the deliverables?

This is an all-encompassing “attack” for your company. Here’s a link to a guide that walks through everything!

Do you only help with marketing and sales?

One of the primary reasons contractors hire us is because they see how we’re growing as a company and they want to know how to do the same thing for themselves. While we primarily focus on marketing and sales, we’re also very strong in leadership, mindset, and hiring.

What’s required out of me?

Long story short, you’re going to have to want to be a leader in your community and have a strong desire to leave a legacy. You’re going to need to invest about 10 hours per month to work on the business. If you don’t see the value in finding 10 hours per month, this whole program may not be the best fit for you.

Should/Can I have the rest of my team involved in this?

Absolutely. While it’s on you, as the business owner, to motivate your team to want to participate, we encourage them to be involved. Otherwise, you’ll outgrow them and that causes another set of issues.

What’s included in the cost and what’s not?

You get all the deliverables plus coaching. It’s all laid out in the LegacyMaker guide!

What if I’m already working with another marketing company?

Some contractors want to wait until their contract is up before moving forward. While you may recognize you’re spending double money at once, there’s a reason you’re wanting to make the switch. The vast majority of the contractors we work with that wait until their current contract is up before switching actually miss out on a lot of opportunities because prospects were searching for their services during the waiting period and the prospects never turned into a customer.

What level of support will I get?

You’ll have a dedicated Client Success Specialist that will make sure you feel supported during the whole process. You’ll have their personal phone as well as regular check-ins. We want you to succeed so we’re going to be proactive with making sure you’re on the right path. With that being said, their role is to not encourage you to want to succeed. If there becomes a point where we want your business to succeed more than you do, then we’ll have to have “the talk”.

Are we invested in your success?

Yes. Go read our reviews to see what other clients have said about working with us.

Can I join LegacyMaker without WealthBuilder?

Unfortunately not. Before we can make a legacy, we need to build wealth. We believe that without the right foundation, LegacyMaker won’t be nearly as effective.

What’s the transition from LegacyMaker Lite to LegacyMaker Pro?

We do need a few extra things from you (access to your advertising accounts, setting up a couple docs, etc) but it’s a pretty seamless process.

What are the realistic expectations and timelines?

We fully expect you to be at the numbers listed at the top of this page within 18 months. It’s quick and may feel daunting, however, it’s 100% achievable. If you feel out of control while generating $400k per year, we’ll make sure you’re back in control before scaling up. In other words, we’re not going to push you to grow until you’re back in control of everything and ready for that next step.

Do I need LegacyMaker?

If you want to make a difference, leave a legacy for your family, and be known throughout the community, then yes.

Here’s what other contractOR business owners are saying about the system


Robyn Pekarek
Owner, pond and water feature company in Amity, OR

So easy to work with and our site is a amazing! The turn around time was so quick and they got right on any edits we had.

100% recommend CGN to make your business look great and make it so much easier to be transparent with your customers!


Clayton Farrell Owner, landscaping company in Bryan, OH

I cannot thank Logan, Chris, and the rest of the team enough! Throughout the whole process they have been great and the final product is absolutely amazing!

Our old website was lacking in every aspect and was a horrid attempt at a sales tool. The website that CGN has built for us is a GAME CHANGER.

The website is going to streamline our sales process and make our customers’ experience with my company better, while making my job easier.

I have nothing but good things to say about Contractor Growth Network and the work they do. I recommend them to any other business owner I talk to.


Craig Tripp
Owner, foundation repair company in Bryan, TX

Logan, Melissa, Chris, and Team CGN deliver.

Our website has been an embarrassing under performer for years.

Not any more. We can now use an effective contractor focused website that will not only present the right image, but be an invaluable tool to guide our homeowners thru the buying process.


Decide what kind of business you want to create and what kind of life you want to live. And then let's help you get it.