LR Electrical LLC

Client: Luis Rivera

Main Services He Offers: Lighting Upgrades, Electrical Panel Upgrades, Electrical Troubleshooting

Problem Luis Needed Help With

Luis wants his new business to take off the right way.

He feels as though his fellow Hispanic contractors get put down a lot. Luis wants to be the company that gives them a good name and face. He started off well by joining the CSA to learn how to best sell and connect with leads. While this is great, Luis wants a way to make selling and closing jobs even easier.

The problem is, he doesn’t really know where to start. There are plenty of horror stories involving generic digital marketing companies and he doesn’t want to be in one. He’s also not charging as much as he needs to, and raising prices is scary.

The solution

EPP System Type: Tier 2

Launch Date: May 10, 2021

Total Time Luis Spent On Project*: ~ 1 hour

*Our goal is to limit the amount of time and energy you have to put into building your website, enabling you to take this hat off.

Luis Rivera jumped on board and took full advantage of our EPP sales system to help him pre-qualify leads, weed out tire-kickers, and charge what he’s worth.

See how the system can work for your business too.

How Luis Had Us Help

Luis finds out about CGN and decides to contact us.

After talking with us, he decides to get our EPP system because it seems like it can help make selling and closing jobs easier. It’s also in line with his want to bring respect to Hispanic contractors.

Luis also had us do a consult with him. Afterward, he decides to start having an initial flat fee before charging hourly for his time so he’s not undercharging his worth.

Now Luis is talking to people who already know his prices (which is the hardest part to talk about). His EPP system has already made selling easier for him.

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