Mortise & Miter, LLC

Client: John Panchalk

Main Services He Offers: Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Home Office Design

Problem John Needed Help With

John wants a tool to prequalify people and help him sell.

He also wants to promote the Home Office Design section of his business. He feels that the pandemic is leading to this being a huge potential industry. John wants a way to showcase this.

The solution

EPP System Type: Tier 1

Launch Date: June 14, 2021

Total Time John Spent On Website*: ~1¼ hour

*Our goal is to limit the amount of time and energy you have to put into building your website, enabling you to take this hat off.

John Panchalk jumped on board and took full advantage of our EPP sales system to help him pre-qualify leads, weed out tire-kickers, and charge what he’s worth.

See how the system can work for your business too.

How John Had Us Help

John knows about CGN through our podcast, YouTube channel, and Facebook group. He decides to have us build him one of our single-page EPP sales system websites.

John’s EPP website solves his problems. His website prequalifies people, works as a sales tool he can easily use, and it showcases his Home Office Design section. The look of the website is what his ideal clientele expect to see.

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