Valdek Construction

Valdek Construction Client: Matt Adamiec Main Services He Offers: Home Additions, Home Renovations, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Basement Remodeling Problem Matt Needed Help With Matt doesn’t seem to be getting the high-end clientele he wants. They don’t know his prices and are surprised when he tells them. It’s hard to make sales this way. Matt […]

RaynorShine Construction

RaynorShine Construction Client: Branson Raynor Main Services He Offers: Whole Home Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Deck Construction, Dock Construction Problem Branson Needed Help With Branson’s tired of having his time wasted on useless fruitless sales calls. Most of the people he talks to turn out to be tire kickers or aren’t his ideal client. This results in Branson […]

Radiant Landscaping

Radiant Landscaping Client: Tyler Link Main Services He Offers: Landscaping Design And Build, Planting Services, Hardscapes And Patios, Outdoor Living Spaces, Driveways Problem Tyler Needed Help With Tyler’s starting a brand new business, but doesn’t want to go through the same struggles as with his last one. It took too long for him to scale […]

Butler Contracting

Butler Contracting Client: Alan Butler Main Services He Offers: Landscaping Design And Build, Planting Services, Hardscapes And Patios, Outdoor Living Spaces, Driveways Problem Alan Needed Help With Alan’s been trying to build up his business the right way, but something seems to keep clogging up the gears. He has to keep wearing a lot of […]

33 North Homes & Construction​

33 North Homes & Construction Client: Cobus Breytenbach Main Services He Offers: Kitchen Remodeling, Basement Finishing, Home Renovations And Additions Problem Cobus Needed Help With Cobus is burnt out from dealing with bad leads that end up just wasting his time. He is trying to get away from referrals and real estate agents who give him […]

Peakview Outdoor Living

Peakview Outdoor Living Client: Kenny Nguyen Main Services He Offers: Outdoor Living Space Construction, Outdoor Living Space Design Problem Kenny Needed Help With Kenny keeps getting calls for small projects he doesn’t want to do. These calls waste about 38 hours of his month. This keeps him from being able to train his field people […]

Burning River Masonry

Burning River Masonry Client: Anthony Pryor Main Services He Offers: Paver Patio Installation, Outdoor Living Spaces Problem Anthony Needed Help With Anthony’s phone wasn’t ringing.  Most of his jobs were referral-based. A lot of the referrals weren’t great though… His business is newer and he wants to build it up the right way. Click to view […]

Peacock Home Improvement

Peacock Home Improvement Client: Nathan Hershner Main Services He Offers: Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Protective Coating Problem Nathan Needed Help With Nathan keeps wasting time talking to bad leads. He’s wasting so much time that it’s starting to hurt business. It’s also hurting his team because he can’t give them anything to do. Nathan’s time […]

Kerr Landscaping

Kerr Landscaping Client: Bryan Kerr Main Services He Offers: Outdoor Living Spaces, Drainage Solutions, Landscape Lighting Problem Bryan Needed Help With Bryan’s having a slow start with his business. He keeps attracting the wrong clients, selling is difficult, and people don’t know much about his business before they call. He also wants to increase the […]

Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center

Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center Client: Clayton Farrell Main Services He Offers: Outdoor Living Spaces, Planting Services, Commercial Landscaping Problem Clayton Needed Help With Clayton is taking over the family business, which needed some work. He wanted a way to make sales easier while appealing to a higher-end clientele. This needed to happen while still […]