Randy Stewart’s Hardwood Flooring

Randy Stewart’s Hardwood Flooring Client: Randy Stewart Main Services He Offers: Hardwood Flooring Installation, Restoration And Refinishing, Luxury Vinyl Plank Problem Randy Needed Help With Randy wants to update his current, non-CGN website. His employees have to spend a lot of time pre-qualifying leads. He also ends up doing jobs he doesn’t really want to […]


Longwire Client: Rob Long Main Services He Offers: Home Theater Design And Installation, Home Automation And Smart Home Systems, Whole Home Audio, Networking And Wi-Fi Problem Rob Needed Help With Rob isn’t attracting his ideal client. People keep calling to ask him to mount their TVs, which isn’t what he does. He does much more complex […]

Pinon Painting

Pinon Painting Client: Jimmy Cordier Main Services He Offers: Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Cabinet Refinishing, Commercial Painting, Composite Decking Problem Jimmy Needed Help With Jimmy had one of our older websites (before WealthBuilder and EPP).  It didn’t serve as much of a purpose as our current ones do, such as pre-qualifying clients through upfront pricing. […]

Conscious Construction And Remodeling

Conscious Construction And Remodeling Client: Devin Blevins Main Services He Offers: Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Home Renovations, Home Additions Problem Devin Needed Help With Devin keeps getting bad leads.  This makes it frustratingly impossible to build a successful business. It piles on more stress and head trash, which impacts his personal life too.  Devin knows […]

Shapeup Contracting

Shapeup Contracting Client: Dennis Brooks Main Services He Offers: Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Home Additions And Renovations, Basement Remodeling Problem Dennis Needed Help With Dennis’s business isn’t being found by his ideal client. He wants to make that happen while finding a tool that’ll make selling easier. Click to view website The Solution WealthBuilder Pro […]

JR. & J Electric

JR. & J Electric Client: Jessica Baggetta Main Services She Offers: Greenhouse Electrical Services, Retail Electrical Maintenance And Renovation, Data And Fiber Optic Maintenance And Renovation Problem Jessica Needed Help With Jessica doesn’t have a web presence to attract customers. She paid to have a website delivered, but it was going to take 6 months! […]

A&D Tile And Flooring

A&D Tile And Flooring Client: Dominick Abato Main Services He Offers: Bathroom Renovation, Hardwood Floor Installation, Ceramic Floor Installation Problem Dominick Needed Help With Dominick’s tired of dealing with people who aren’t his ideal client. The customers he’s attracting are uneducated about his company and he has to chase after them. Many came from Angie’s […]

Rea Pro Construction

Rea Pro Construction Client: Jaime Rea Main Services He Offers: Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Home Renovations, Home Additions, Interior And Exterior Painting Problem Jaime Needed Help With Jaime had us build a website for him about 3 years ago, before the EPP sales system website was born. The old website doesn’t focus on the consumer […]