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Joe McPherson
Owner, waterproofing solutions company in Lanham, MD


Frank Winter
Owner, deck and outdoor living company in Benson, MD


Lindsey Kirchner

Owner, fence staining company in Fort Worth, TX


Todd Tribble
Owner, painting company in Ann Arbor, MI


Bernardo Benigno
Owner, painting company in Mililani, HI

This company knows what they’re doing.

I’ve always struggled with what my website should say, how to say it, etc. It was easy with the help of the Contractor Growth Network.

Logan, Chris and Melissa helped me find my voice, and helped me rebuild my website into something that assists potential clients to make their buying decision.

I also wanted to add that they helped me see my website in a different and more effective light: It’s a tool that works for my company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Doesn’t take vacations or complain about it’s long hours. It’s there to work to get people interested, and to educate them in their buying decision.

What’s different about them is that even though the website was up-and-running, they laid out a game plan of how to utilize it, and what to do to promote on social media. NO ONE has ever walked me through this before. It just shows that they go above-and-beyond in everything they do.

Highly recommended.


Ryan Kelly
Co-owner, remodeling company in Modesto, CA

CGN has redefined how we sell jobs and bring value to our customers.

From the beginning of their process to the on going relationship we are currently building with CGN, the core values of what they preach, is what they do.

The tool they have given us has been priceless. They took our niche market, vision, processes, and created a high quality site full of features that build trust with our customers, before we meet them.

Our prequalifying process has become bullet proof. By walking prospects through the pages of our site we are ultimately showing them who we are as a company. From our pricing, an overall view of the design+build process, to meeting the team, by the time our prospects reach us, they have already built a trust with our brand.

The only complaint is that they didn’t charge us enough for their services. They should be charging double what they are. If you utilize the tools you are given by them, the return is unprecedented.

We have sold just over $250,000 in contracts in a little over a work week of time. I truly believe CGN was the difference maker in our prospects decisions to trust us with their renovations. Give them a call. Give them your money. Trust the plan. Make money.


Jonathan & Flavia Colton
Co-owner, landscaping company in Modesto, CA

Working with Logan and his team of well qualified employees was a real pleasure.

For us finding the right company that could portray our vision was very important. We needed a team that spoke the same language in terms of conveying to the customers the value of what we sell.

From the beginning of the first call with Chris through the finalization with Melisa, the entire process was delightful, professional and everyone was very responsive. Through his process we were able accomplish goals quickly, from creating our new website, creating strong copy, to providing the relevant information and explaining the tools needed and teaching us how to use them effectively.

The final finished product and everyone’s attention to details along the way has made our experience with Contractor Growth Network a great one and we can’t come near in words explaining our gratitude towards this group of highly motivated individuals who work great as a team.

Thank you all!


Chris Corney
Owner, irrigation contractor in Bowling Green, OH

Logan Shinholser, Chris Livingston, and Melissa Glass are dream weavers! I’m looking to expand my business over the coming years but was struggling with website design.

Currently operating as a one-man-show, with no desire to do something that other people excel at, I consider them one of my biggest assets! They were on my team from start to finish and will continue to be going forward!

After an initial call with Chris to assess my old website any why it wasn’t attracting the type of leads I desired, everything was spelled out in an easy to understand manner.

After my call with Logan and Melissa they helped me laser focus on my niche and passion. The new site that they built reflects the image I want to present as a problem solver, saver of time, and expert in the field.

5 stars from beginning to end!


Rudi Oosting
Owner, remodeling and construction company in Midland Park, NJ

The Contractor Growth team are a fantastic group of people and I am glad that I made the decision to work with them.

I actually decided to work with Logan and his team after seeing him give a presentation at a marketing event earlier this year. I have often felt lost when it came to online marketing but after seeing Logan speak for only about 45 minutes the light went off.

He was able to explain a variety of topics clearly and succinctly from websites and SEO to Facebook and Google Ads. I made decision on the spot to hire CGN and fire myself and my previous company. It was the first time in my life that I felt like I finally understood what was going on, and it was clear that Logan not only understood the mechanics of online marketing but the tactics and strategy as well.

That is the real key. The mechanics are one thing, but knowing how and when to implement is critical to success.

After working with CGN now for the last 5 or 6 months I can say it has really been an incredible experience. The CGN team genuinely cares about your success. They are on top of what must be done and they run their business like a well-oiled machine. If there are any week links in the chain it is still me, but they are great about keeping me on task.

They are a true partner company and I am glad to have gotten on board. Working with CGN is going to bring my marketing to the next level.


Travis Irwin
Owner, painting company in Vista, CA

Logan has been a great help.

I was searching for a qualified web designer. When I came across full sail marketing through Tom Reber business coach I sat through a 3 hour webinar of Logan’s presentation how a web site could help with my painting Bussiness.

During the journey of getting started with fullsail once a week Logan would send you videos and walk you through what he was doing to help your web design needs.

My website launch in January and I signed up with fullsail to do monthly blogging. Within 30 days or so I was getting phone calls for my painting services. I thought for sure it would take longer before I was getting custmers off my website.

Trust the Process. I highly recommend Logan with fullsail marketing.

"I would recommend them 100%"


Great company to work with. Quality product and reliable people on staff. I would recommend them 100%

Brian Pezzulich, Owner at Genuine Kitchen & Bath, remodeling company in San Carlos, CA


Michael Gilio
Owner, remodeling company in Oswego, IL

Logan and his team were outstanding to work with!! The service they provided to include educating us along the way was extremely helpful.

During the entire process, we felt that we were a top priority and that they were seeking to truly understand what it is our business is trying to achieve while they helped us across the finish line.

You will not be disappointed and we recommend reaching out to them if you are serious about taking your business to the next level.

Cannot say enough good things about the team over at CGN and look forward to partnering with them in future endeavors. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Shelley Forsman
Owner, deck company in Omaha, NE

Logan and his team are amazing!! They make you feel great. They provide an amazing service and create a fantastic website that is the envy of other contractors.

Not only are they good at what they do, they make you feel important and connected. They seek to understand you and apply that understanding to the website and marketing creations.

We wholly invested into the CGN way of sales and marketing. Travis and I look forward to a continued relationship with the whole team.

We would recommend them to all contractors who want to go the extra mile.


Vickie Fawer
Owner, remodeling company in Covington, LA

I can’t thank Logan, Chris Livingston and Melissa enough for all they did for me and my business.

I was struggling with how to jump start my business and Logan’s name just kept coming up… sooooo I sent that message and we were off to the races. Starting with Chris… I can’t say enough about Chris, he knows all the questions to ask to get you where you need to be.

Logan and Melissa’s insight into what a website should do is awesome. I, for the first time have the confidence, a smart website and the “wind at my back” to go as far as I choose.


Eliad Vaknin
Owner, remodeling contractor in Peachtree Corners, CA

Logan and his team did an amazing job building my new website!

They are not just building websites like any other companies out there.
Contractor growth network knowing the contracting business from inside out.

They know what I’m going through with customers sales in my day to day sale process and took it to the next level.

They actually created a website that I use as a tool that not just helps me to sale more,it’s also help me to make my sale process easier,faster and also helps me to get rid of the tire kickers which giving me a lot of time saving!

Thank you guys for the great job!!


Michael Parnell
Owner, fence and gate contractor in Sumter, SC

These guys are awesome, they really looked out for me in the designing and launching of my new website.

I am not a techy person, but they were ready for all of my questions and concerns. Melissa and Logan were a blast to work with. They took my vision to a whole new level and we have gotten twice as many customer calls, since launching the new site.

Chris was able to guide me in the right direction when it comes to our marketing ideas. I am so glad and thankful that I found this team to do business with. They hit it out of the park!


Johnathan Kelly
Owner, masonry company in Springfield, PA

Logan Shinholser and Melissa Glass communicated clearly from day one and made great suggestions to get me in the right direction.

They came up with a clear, concise plan for the website. The entire process was very professional and the execution was perfect. I’m beyond thrilled with the finished website and would definitely recommend them!

UPDATE: We are already getting tons of leads on our new website and 3 people have gone out of their way to comment on how great the website looks. The results have been awesome!


Jayme Carlson
Owner, deck company in Belvidere, IL

Amazing work, very knowledgeable, great response times, I can’t say enough!

They lay out a complete marketing system that turns your website into a salesperson who never sleeps.

I’ve already recommended them to several other contractors.


Christopher Treese
Owner, exterior and remodeling company in Springfield, MO

I officially announced my website yesterday afternoon and the feedback has been nothing short of stellar!

Personally, I love the look and I’m excited to see what the guidance and plan that CGN has created will do to help my business scale this year and into the future.

Would Definitely recommend Logan, Chris, Melissa and the rest of the team!


Brad Wernsman
Owner, custom cabinetry company in Yorkville, IL

I worked with Logan and Melissa to build my website. If you trust their process they will deliver.

They thoroughly question and probe to get to the heart of why you do what you do. Outstanding people to work with and very professional. They’re worth every penny!


Joe McPherson
Owner, waterproofing solutions company in Lanham, MD

After many attempts of getting the right image of my company via a website, I found the Contractor Growth Network!!!

I couldn’t be happier with the decision to have Logan and Melissa handle building my website. My company is now represented in a way where web presence is not a problem area anymore. Thank you so much!


Frank Winter
Owner, deck and outdoor living company in Benson, MD

I recommend Full Sail Marketing for a couple of different reasons. I can touch base on one of the most important reasons for me.

I spent years spending money on the wrong marketing. Now that I invested money with Logan and Full Sail, I am seeing the return already. I wish I had done this earlier. Melissa and Logan both where great to work with.


Lindsey Kirchner
Owner, fence staining company in Fort Worth, TX

We are beyond thrilled with the website that Full Sail Marketing built for us. Logan and Melissa were amazing to work with throughout the entire process.

They came in with great suggestions to build upon our end goal. Always easy to reach and provided helpful video clips for us tailored to our specific questions.

Appreciate that when the website was complete, they will still check in on us. Will be recommending Full Sail Marketing to our friends in the trades looking to revamp their current site!


Chris Thompson
Owner, pond and water feature company in Ankeny, IA

Full Sail Marketing built our new website. Logan and his team made the process easy and painless for us.

I highly recommend them if you are looking to have a good experience during the process and a great finished product. Our website has been completed and we are extremely satisfied.

We are also planning to continue our relationship with them and have them assist us in additional online marketing. Our business is Just Add Water and our website is iowawaterscapes.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this business.


Brian Hoagland
Owner, pond, water feature, and landscape company in Belmont, NC

I recently reached out to Wayne at Full Sail Marketing about Google Ad Words and how to understand its process.

Not only did he get back to me within a few hours, he did a video on the subject with him hosting that took me through the whole process!

Outstanding service beyond my expectations. Thank you!


Derek Johnson
Owner, garden center, water feature, and landscape company in Nashville, TN

Logan and his listens and delivers.

We have had a web presence for more than 15 yrs and it wasn’t until Full Sail took it over and revamped the whole site that it actually shows who JVI Secret Gardens is all about.

Logan is closely working with us to achieve our on going mission to educate our past, present and future clients in a way that we can be certain that they are happy in their outdoor spaces.

Most importantly, new clients are finding us. I don’t know what type of sorcery goes on behind the scenes but my phone is ringing. 


Dave Misterly
Owner, pond and water feature company in Costa Mesa, CA

I could not be more pleased with Full Sail Marketing.

Logan is such a pleasure to work with!! He’s incredibly easy to work with and very responsive!!

They are SO current on what marketing is effective TODAY!
I couldn’t imagine finding any company more effective, current and with the customer service I have experienced with Full Sail Marketing.



Erik von Koehe
Owner, landscape design and outdoor living company in San Diego, CA

If you are looking for a website developer look no further. The team at Full Sail Marketing went above, and beyond what I expected!

There is a lot involved to building a quality website that’s just pretty pictures. Do yourself a favor, and hire Full Sail Marketing to build you a quality website for you.

Its a marketing tool that will sell you more jobs, and a must for your business!


Justin Bethune
Owner, window installation company in Rossville, GA

Just received all of my April Google results from Logan Shinholser. He is kicking major tail for us.

We have moved up 5-8 spots in google for a lot of search terms and our website still isn’t even a year old. We will be in the top 3 in no time. I’m saying within a year I won’t be buying anymore leads from Homeadvisor.


Josh Gadbois
Owner, remodeling company in Auburn, MA

This is the one of the best experiences I’ve had with any company period. They take the time to discover you and what your needs are and not push their agenda on you.

Logan and his team re did the site and I’ve already seen 4 leads in a week from a site that was sterile and that didn’t do anything for us.

Expectations set, plans laid out, great communication. Amazing experience.


Kevin Thacker
Owner, remodeling company in Newport News, VA

I have enjoyed working with Full Sail Marketing. I hired them to build my website and they did a great job!

Craig Tripp
Owner, foundation repair company in Bryan, TX

Logan, Melissa, Chris, and Team CGN deliver.

Our website has been an embarrassing under performer for years.

Not any more. We can now use an effective contractor focused website that will not only present the right image, but be an invaluable tool to guide our homeowners thru the buying process.


Brian Pezzulich
Owners - remodeling contractor

Great company to work with. Quality product and reliable people on staff. I would recommend them 100%

Matt H

Logan is absolutely amazing at what he does. His insights and ideas are incredible. Worth every penny!


Justin Bethune
Owner - president/founder the home source network

Just received all of my April Google results from Logan Shinholser. He is kicking major tail for us.

We have moved up 5-8 spots in google for a lot of search terms and our website still isn’t even a year old. We will be in the top 3 in no time. I’m saying within a year I won’t be buying anymore leads from Homeadvisor.


Michael Garcia

Working with Full Sail Marketing was easy peezy. Tell them what you want/need, they conspire to what you truly need, you approve, and shortly later they perform without a hitch. Easily the best experience working on marketing I’ve ever had as a business owner!

Will Ries

Logan keeps in touch with us via video updates and they are awesome! The best part about working with the Full Sail team is that they care enough about our business to make our site go in the right direction!


Brian Rogers

Logan and his team are top in the industry. They helped guide us, and built our website beyond expectations.

They worked within our budget and completed right on time.

We are extremely pleased with our site and will continue to work closely with Full Sail Marketing for years to come.


Samoht Evan

I don’t even know where to begin; Logan and his team have been a Godsend for the complex organizational plans we wanted to execute in 2018 in reference to the marketing services he was able to provide us. I have yet to come across a more professional team who was always on the ball any time I had a question that needed answering. I highly recommend these guys!

John Seaman

Logan at Full Sail Marketing responded to be the very next day after I sent him a message late at night. I explained to him that I was working on building our marketing and that I wanted to be sure I was going in the right direction. We spoke for a while on the phone about what I was hoping to achieve and he agreed to analyze everything I’ve done and be sure I’m not going backwards. I paid him around 11:00am to work on that and by 5:00 Pm he had a very detailed list of things he noticed I should add or change to be sure my platform was successful. I plan to do more work with these guys in the future and am looking forward to it!

Andrew L

The team at Full Sail Marketing is top notch. We always struggled with finding a trustworthy company that could portray our company culture online. Now it is common that our potential customers have seen a funny video we put out or read an informational blog before ever contacting us. We owe our continued growth to Full Sail and would recommend their services to any small business out there!

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